Yoga Etiquette

Yoga Etiquette:

Remove shoes and place in designated area, with other belongings.  Keep practice area clear.

Turn off cell phones, or silence ringer.

Avoid scented products & perfumes, but please come with a clean body.

If you arrive late, please enter quietly.  Better to arrive early!

If you must leave early, leave quietly before Savasana (deep relaxation) starts.

Please do not walk on other's mats.  Clean any borrowed mats after class. 

Please tell instructor if you have injuries, medical concerns or if you do not want to be touched.

Fold blankets neatly and return props to respective container.

Enhance your Comfort:

Plan to remove your socks for standing poses to get better traction.

If you wear glasses and remove them during class, place on a block to keep them safe.

Wear clothing that allows you to stretch, and will keep you warm. 

Avoid jeans, zippers, buttons, belts, dresses, & excessive jewlrey.

Do not eat a meal 2 hours before class. Light snack is okay.

Yoga is non-competitive, Do not push yourself into pain.  Let the ego go elsewhere!

Stay in the moment, enjoy the journey.

Play to your edge, feel free to modify asana to challenge yourself and deepen your experience. 

YOU are invited to give gentle yoga a try.  Please join us.