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Hatha Yoga  -  Gentle and Flowing Style With Joani Glasser

"Joani's the best! Her yoga classes are taught with grace, humor, and compassion.  I leave feeling both strengthened and relaxed.  I've tried other types of yoga instruction and found hers to be more interesting and individualized."    Jean W. 

 Location:   The Metta Center, 1602 Carolina St.  Bellingham, WA

                                                       Tuesdays & Thursdays Starts at 10:30 to 11:45 am

Arrive 10 min. early first time.  Place shoes in cubby at front door. Bring valuables into the yoga room and place in cubby at back of studio.  Bring a yoga mat if you have one. We do have a few available to borrow.  Please, turn off your cell phones.  Do not wear perfume or heavy scents to class.

Mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets available onsite or bring your own mat, and wear clothes that allow you to stretch and move.  Avoid eating 2 hours before class, or have a light snack.

Come and try gentle and flowing yoga.

Please use all your classes within the  3 month time frame of your series.

Make-up policy:  If you have an injury, illness, extended travel, or family emergency please send an email within two days of the missed class to request an extension of your series. Pass extensions, beyond 2 months are subject to a re-activation fee.

 Fees:   $68 for 5 classes    $110 for 10 classes  All class passes to be used within 3 months.   

                                         Drop in..............$15 ($10 for first class)

Cash or check only please.                                 

"I have suffered from lower back pain for almost two years, seeking medical care often, pain medications and chiropractic care, looking for relief. Living with constant nagging pain was wearing me out and my family was missing the active Wife and Mom I had always been. Finding Joani's 'Healthy Back' yoga class advertised in the newspaper gave me hope, I joined the class in September and now have almost no pain in my lower back, the therapy from yoga has strengthened and improved my health dramatically! Thanks Joani!!"... Holley G.,  Jan. 2012

Your classes are such a gift to me.  I''m really enjoying your instruction--gentle, yet challenging.  Breathing the oil at the beginning is a lovely way to start off.  I feel so good afterwards...I just want to come home and curl up on the couch like a kitty-cat after a good stretch.  The time and days work perfectly for me because I go to work in the afternoons (hospital RN).  Hopefully, I carry that good, calm feeling with me to my patients.  You've chosen such a wonderful location-- Mary-Ann K., Jan. 2012

 "I started taking yoga to relieve back pain 2 years ago.  I am much more flexible and completely pain free."  ~ Karlene (yoga student over 2 years)

Joani offers poses that strengthens joints and offers weight bearing poses for osteoporosis.  I feel energized after the class.   Anara, 2014

I have been doing yoga since 1996 and thanks to Joani, I've learned to "surrender".  No More side planks and head stands.  I am doing just what my body needs: gentle back-care yoga. Betty M. 2014

I am so happy that I found Joani and I encourage others to attend.  Sunny, 2014

Joani is a very insightful teacher.  She allows for various abilities and disabilities.  I always leave feeling uplifted and energized.  Doreen,  2014