New Yoga Students

New Yoga Students

New to Yoga? You'll Fit Right In

new to Yoga

Stretch, relax, find inner calm, enjoy

Please come with a clean body and no perfume.  Wear clothing that is comfortable for movement without zippers, belts, buttons.  If you have a yoga mat, please bring it or you can borrow one and clean it after each use. Turn off cell phones.  Leave shoes at front door, but valuables can be brought into yoga room and placed in a cube. Enter the yoga room quietly and prepare to enjoy a transforming experience that helps you let go of worries, judgements, and fears, replaced with inner calm and physical stability. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early your first class. 

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a mind-body exercise that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. While there are many styles of yoga, in general, every style includes postures (asanas), meditation, and breathing techniques (pranayama). With regular practice, yoga builds physical strength and flexibility while reducing stress and improving the mind-body connection.

Yoga health benefits include reduced blood pressure, increased focus, a deeper spiritual mind/body connection, more energy, and better sleep at night. Many elements of yogic philosophy, such as loving kindness, compassion and non-judgment, may also influence an individual lifestyle as they adopt healthier habits and make more positive, life-affirming choices.

Finding the Right Yoga for You

If you are new to yoga, you may be wondering what class to take. Hatha yoga is a gentle style with introductory poses that are accessible to individuals with all body types and athletic abilities. If you have never practiced yoga before, gentle hatha class is a good place to build a strong foundation before progressing to more athletic styles. 

Finding the right instructor is another important part of beginning yoga. Joani Glasser is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT-500) and over 40 years teaching experience.