Massage, Shiatsu

Massage Therapy (at a different location by appointment)

Shiatsu (Japanese Massage)  (60 Min)  $70

Slow deep pressure following the acupuncture points and meridians.  Great for therapy and relaxation. No oils are used, over the clothes.This Japanese modality uses passive stretching and pressure point therapy,  which can be done on the floor.  

Swedish  (60 Min)  $70

This is the most popular form of massage, using oil and long soothing strokes as well as kneading the tissue.  Great for increased circulation and relaxation. Specific areas of concern will be addressed.

Reflexology (30 Min. $45)  

Foot massage with attention to the reflex points on the body.  It is very relaxing and most people drift into sleep/deep relaxation.

Pain Relief (60 Min.)  $70

MLT-Manual Ligament Therapy:  A specialized technique that approaches the ligaments, using pressure, resistance and holding.  It is an  extremely effective way to release pain, and integrated into any above massage as needed.

Relaxation  (60 Min.)  $70

Most massage involves relaxation and soothing comfort.

 Bellanina® A great Facelift Massage   (75 Min.  $85)  

Like a facial with warm moist towels, and  special oil for the face.. This massage includes a honeylift mask. A great way to remove lines and smooth the face. Session includes hands, feet, scalp as well and shoulders and neck massage. This is a 75 min. session.  Best results, with at least 6 sessions.  You will feel and look beautiful!

"Joani's massages are a part of my life now.   After two major  surgeries, Joani's massages helped me regain my strength and energy, and get control over the pain.  Experiencing peacefulness is a major part of her massage."   ~ Helen Zoerb

"I have been going to Joani's yoga classes and getting massages - Swedish, shiatsu, non-surgical face lifts - for a couple of yrs.  Joani addresses one physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  When I hear people talk about getting hurt in yoga classes or, leave crying, I realize how lucky I am to have her as my teacher.  As far as massages go, I go to her beautiful, clean home and am pampered in all ways.  After having gone to a chain massage organization, I am so grateful to have such individualized, personal, accomodating, respectful, holistic care.  I have learned so much from Joani."  ~Kimberley Chute, RN

"I loved my massage with Joani! I enjoyed the way her space felt so much more private than going to a salon or spa.  She asked about my goals, sensitivities, likes and dislikes, which was improtant to me.   Joani expertly created a session to meet my specific rqueststs. I  felt wonderfully pampered and nurtured.  It was a fabulous way to start my week."   Lauren Archer

We do not accept insurance. (Payment by check or cash only)